Friday, April 25, 2008

Chocolate Fever

Ali's school class just finished reading Chocolate Fever so her teacher asked the class to bring something chocolate to school today. Ali and Isabel decided they were going to make cupcakes for the class!!!

They didn't get started until about 7:30 last night which is almost bedtime, and Isabel still needed to practice piano and do homework so guess who got to finish them.......that'd be me!!!!
Most of you know I like baking and i have attempted many times to make cakes but it's only been recently that i have had an interest in cupcakes. Since we didn't have much time we used a cake mix which normally i wouldn't use but don't worry the frosting was homemade i just cannot get myself to use the store bought stuff.....
they looked much better than the picture makes them look. (i like playing with's kinda fun)!!!!

It sounded like the class liked them all except Isabel who wouldn't eat my homemade frosting!!!


Shally said...

I am not a baker. Boxes are my friend.

They turned out so cute!!

Love that book-- and smart teacher to find a way to get fun treats to eat!! :)

kourtney said...

I don't know what you're talking about, but I think your cakes would look as good as my friends. Looks like you had fun! Isn't that what kids are for, giving us more fun to do?