Monday, May 12, 2008

What a weekend!!!!

Yay for Baseball season!!!! Mitch had his first game Friday night but Ali and I missed most of it because we spent the evening in Cleveland at her piano teachers Masters Recital!!! It was awesome. Well, i thought so. I think it was hard for my 7 year old to sit there and listen to classical music for an hour and a half when he only played 4 songs but, it really makes me wish i had never quit taking lessons!!!!!
We made it for the end of the game and it was soooooo cold!!!!!
We had some friends in town from Seattle and we took them to Dave and Busters we ate dinner and played games until 12:30am. Mitch and Ali earned more tickets than ever before Ali had close to 4000 and Mitch had about 3000. Ali hit the 1000 ticket jackpot 3 times!!!!!
Boy were we tired when we had to be to a soccer game at 9:30 am Saturday morning but at least it was warmer than the baseball game the night before.

Saturday.....what a great day for baseball and a picnic!!! It was not too hot but not cold (i would have liked it to be a little bit warmer) but we all got a little sun on our faces. Mitch had a great game and is pitching again this season. He did really well!! Oh and yes, they won!!!!

Funny thing.....for some reason this spring i have actually enjoyed doing yard work which for as long as i can remember has been the dreaded weekend chore but B and i got some yard work done and took a nap while the kids played with friends. We went to our favorite ice cream place Mitchell's and had really yummy ice cream...chocolate caramel favorite... in a waffle cone of course and then off to do a few more errands and off to bed!!!

Sunday......HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ME!!!! we had to get to church early so i could save the front row so we could sit there while the Primary children sang to the mothers during Sacrament meeting, it was early to rise for us. Brandon and Ali made a special breakfast before we left...Belgium waffles, bacon and sausage.. Delicious!!! and off to church we went!!!
Church was busy as always but great....
When we pulled into the driveway after church, the garage door was closed and brandon had taken the seats out of the Tahoe to clean out the car so i wasn't able to pull into the garage. I saw the seats sitting there on the ground but what i didn't see was this.....

they got me a new bike!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!! I have been wanting one for a while now and have been known to ride around the neighborhood on Mitch's so I was soooooooo excited!!!!!!!! It was raining yesterday but i did take it for a little ride around the cul-de-sac!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!
Brandon also made homemade chicken noodle soup (one of my favs) for lunch, and flank steak and green beans (again one of my favs) for dinner YUMMY!!! Thanks B!!! We did get to slip in a little nap as well and did a little homework. What a great day to spend together as a family!!! Thanks you guys!!! I love you so much!!!!!


Ryan and Katie said...

Happy Mother's Day Haley!!!


Anonymous said...

Any training wheels? Just kidding. I loved riding Holly's bike when we visited in Sacramento. Are there any bike paths there?

Anna said...

I love gardening. I hated it when I was young.

I'm jealous of your bike.