Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Oh thank Heaven for .......

You thought I was going to say 7-11 didn't you!!!!

Nope...thank heaven's for antibiotics!!!!

I'm not really the type that wants to take medication especially antibiotics i'd rather just wait it out and hope that the problem goes away...Well, after over of week of feeling like my head was going to explode and feeling worse everyday, i finally went to the dr. who told me i had a sinus infection. If you've never had one DON'T GET ONE!!!! I would so much rather be barfing up a lung than feeling like my head will pop anytime i move!!!! That's where the antibiotics come in. I now they are a bit controversial for some but man... feel a heck of a lot better after only 2 doses!!!!

What's your opinion??


Anna said...

I've had a sinus infection for two weeks and I wanted to die. I would have gone to get antibiotics a week and a half ago if we had good insurance. But alas, I've stuck through but it's been a painful journey. I'm glad you got them.

Annie P. said...

I think that antibiotics are an amazing tool if used sparingly (which it seems like you do)! They just can de disastrous to your immune system when used for every little thing. There are many studies coming back linking antibiotic abuse in children to obesity, cancer, diabetes, etc. i think that when you have done all you can and nothing is working it is a good idea. Thats why they are there.