Monday, September 8, 2008

My Girl

Ali decided she was going to make chocolate chip cookies all by herself and.....she did!!! She would not let me help her one bit!! She did all the measuring, mixing, scooping and baking on her own!  I can't believe she's getting so big!! (i really don't like it)
  she kept saying, mom i'm trying so hard not to make a mess!
guess who got to clean it up?

the finished product!!PRETTY YUMMY!


♥Shally said...

She is getting too big.

STOP IT!!! :)

Amanda said...

That is something Morgan would do. I agree, they need to stop growing up. That is great that she is excited about cooking.

Annie P. said...

They look incredible! Tell her she can come make them anytime for me. I would be happy to clean up the mess! :-P

kim said...

Nice job Ali! I bet they were yummy!