Monday, September 15, 2008

Remnants of Ike

When I walked outside this morning I couldn't help but think about all the people affected by this most recent hurricane.  
We spent Sunday night with a high wind warning due to Ike...watching trees fall, chasing down our garbage cans so they didn't blow away, and living with no power for 12 hours.  We had it so easy compared to those in Texas.  I can't even imagine what they are feeling today.  As I was driving to the dr. today I  watched as people pulled huge trees to the curbside, watched as police blocked off main streets where trees and power poles & lines (yes poles) had fallen blocking the street so cars couldn't get through, no kids were in school today .  I heard how Chicago is "under water" and Michigan was tormented by Tornado's so many places so close to where we are got it so much worse.  What I didn't think about until this morning is how much worse this could have been for us and how lucky we are!!!
Ali and I spent some time out in the winds just because I wanted to see how strong the "high winds" really were and until this morning when the power finally came back on and I was able to see the news, I learned that a little child not to far from where we live had been killed by a tree that had fallen on him/her (not sure).  I really didn't think much about the danger I could have been putting her in.  Luckily everything worked out for us and we are good.  I hope all the other's who have been impacted in any way from IKE are doing ok and will be watched over!!!

the neighbors tree in our yard


blowing branches and garbage


Amanda said...

I have a friend who lives in Ohio (can't remember the name of the city) who experienced the same thing you did. I am glad it wasn't a lot worse. My stepbrother just moved to Texas recently and was right in the middle of the storm. They don't even know if they have a house to go home to. I am grateful to be here away from the storms.

kim said...

It looks you guys were pretty lucky. I must say we worry about you guys with all the storms and tornato warnings around there. We love you!