Saturday, October 4, 2008

Avon Lake Fallen Soldier!!!

We got home from Mexico and learned that a soldier from Avon Lake had been killed by a sucide bombing in Iraq.  We didn't know him but wow, what a way for a community to come together and show their support for him and his family.    Mike Medders was only 25.  So young to have to have his life taken.  

Because I now work at the High School (that he graduated from) I was able to get a little glimpse into what his family and friends were going through.  The staff and students from Avon Lake High School lined the streets as the funeral procession passed by.  What a heart breaking sight to see all the young kids, family members, other soldiers and friends pass by after the funeral.  You could see in their faces and tears how much he must have meant to them all and how much he will be missed.  

Such a tragedy for our little community but a reminder of what our troops are going through everyday to keep us safe and free!!!  

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April said...

seriously - we owe them so much! I really try to think about it daily.