Thursday, January 29, 2009

ABC's of Me- Tagged by Natalie

Aunt to lots of kiddos
Brandon is my hubby
Cares about others
Drinks lots of water
Easy going
Good at baking (most of the time)
Is hoping to become a better photographer
Junkfood junkie 
Karaoke with my kids or sisters
Loves to laugh
Mom to Mitch & Ali
Never wants to be alone
One of 7 girls
Plays piano
Responsible (most of the time)
Sitting at the piano makes me feel good
Thanksgiving is my 2nd favorite holiday
Vegetable Oil is hard for me to say the right way (sometimes it comes out vegetboil oil) 
Wife and wants to be a better one!!!
X-pects truth
Young-i have to put this one because i have to keep reminding myself that 33 really isn't that old!!
Zinger's remind me of my grandma

You're it: Katie, Kimmy, April, Amanda, Kristen, 


Anonymous said...

Vegetboil Oil...hilarious! And Zingers? Is that why I love them? They are so good! That will be hard, but I'll try!

Nick and Natalie said...

thank HAley I enjoyed it!