Friday, January 23, 2009

I feel stupid!!!

So I did this really dumb thing.  

You all know that I am the Primary Secretary right... well, last Sunday I was late to church.  Walked in and sat down in sacrament but was totally lost as to what was happening.  The program was all changed, a member of the stake presidency was speaking and I had missed the sustaining and was like I said, totally lost.  Bishop spoke, one of his conselors spoke and then someone else spoke...

Being the Primary Sec.  i'm pretty busy running around and didn't really think to ask what had happened...

Over this past week I have been updating our new primary roster with the changes made for the new year.  I added in my spread sheet,  that the "someone else" who spoke in sacrament was  just called as the new Bishop,  thinking that was what was happening when I walked into sacrament late.  (does this make sense)?

I finished the updating and sent an email to the Primary Presidency, the member of the bishopric that is over Primary, all the primary teachers with an attachment of the new roster asking to let me know if any changes or corrections needed to be made.  

Well, guess what.  We didn't get a new bishop!!! We got a new 2nd conselor and I had taken out the bishop and added the new 2nd conselor as the new bishop.  I got an email this morning from the Primary President saying that we still had the same bishop etc......I feel like such an idiot!!!   

See, that's what happens when you don't make it to church on time!!!!!   


kourtney said...

I guess timliness is next to godliness! Way to go! Better luck next time. Oh, congrats on quitting, too bad no more date nights.

Amanda said...

Hey, how did you get your little name signature at the end of your post? It is cute..