Thursday, January 15, 2009


So i'm sitting here all by myself. Brandon is out of town, kids are at school and i don't have to work has been a really long time...
I have so many things to be doing and yet here I sit at the computer looking for facebook friends and blog-stalking...

It seems like I have so many things to do and yet I don't know where to start!
Even though I only work 2 1/2 hours a day, I feel like I have no time to get anything done and have no energy or motivation. What's my deal? I always like to blame my thyroid and especially after seeing the dr. this week and getting 2 phone calls from her after. But really I think i'm just lazy!!! I wonder how you get out of that rut. I just want to do the fun things. No homework, cleaning, errands.
Well, my dr. did change my thyroid medicine dosage again so i'm hoping that at least that will help with the energy problem..

Anyway, enough of that............

Things have been a little bit crazy out here. Kids are busy as always, Brandon too!!
Just trying to get back into the swing after having time off. I'm excited because I found a FREE beginning photography class online that I haven't had time to start yet but hopefully I can get that in today!!! I was hoping to get some updated pictures of the kids on today but B took the camera with him so that will have to wait!! Mitch is getting so big it's crazy!! I have to remind myself that he is only 10 and I can't expect more out of him than a 10 year old is capable. He is almost as tall as I am and probably will be taller soon... it makes me sad to see him growing up so fast but excited for what he has ahead of him. He is super talented when it comes to sports and music so its fun to watch him learn new things..

I hadn't planned on this being an update on the kids but i guess since i wrote about mitch i have to write about ali.

she is great!!!! so happy and full of life. she is getting big too (well, really just tall). shes makes us laugh a lot and is happy pretty much all the time.. she is miss social butterfly and doesn't spend much time away from her friends which sometimes i think might be a problem but she's a really good girl!!!! Shes still loving irish dancing and is excited for softball to start..

i love these two so much. i'm the mom that is hoping for a snow day just so i can have my kids home with me!!!

keep checking in I will try to be better at posting (and not rambling on and on)


♥Shally said...

Z is going out of town today too!

We are headed up north so I don't get bored. :)

Can you send me the link to that online photography class? I would love to know more about it.

Annie said...

I feel ya! You are such a great mom. I wish we lived closer. I would love to know you better.

The Richards Family said...

Ha! That is so much to do, but so little time, and that little time is usually wasted blogging and facebooking! The computer is just so tempting.