Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nothing to blog about!!

Nothing exciting is happening here except everyone is sick.  I sent Ali to school early yesterday so she could get some tutoring for the Ohio Achievement test that is coming up and they called me to come pick her up before school even started!!! Poor girl! She started telling me on Sunday that her tummy was hurting and wouldn't go to her primary class but then was fine on Monday.  Started telling me she didn't feel good again on Tues night and during my Primary Pres. meeting I could hear her in the other room coughing up a lung!
 So, to the tutor she went yesterday morning and right back home to bed where she barfed up all over herself, my side of the bed and ME!!  
Poor girl had her choir concert last night that she didn't get to go to because I was afraid that she would stand up there and throw-up or have to "run" to the bathroom, plus we didn't want her to get anyone else sick.  
Mitch came home from a friends house yesterday afternoon with a fever! He is home from school today coughing up a lung, with a headache and still the fever!!! He missed his indoor baseball tournament.
No babies for the next couple of days(or yesterday) they are all sick too, including their mom Melissa! 
The only good part about having sick kids is I don't feel guilty about laying next to them all day and getting nothing done!!!  (secretly hoping maybe I will start barfing off some lbs.)

Wonder who will be the next victim?

P.S. if you haven't seen it, i did start a new blog! check it out here

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♥Shally said...

We have sick kids over here too, and I am DONE WITH IT!! (I am sure they are too!)