Saturday, March 21, 2009

On my mind!!!

#1.  My dad called the other day to talk to the kids and I mentioned that Ali had slept at a friends house and wasn't home yet.  His comment was "be careful with the sleepovers" .  My dad is a psychologist and works for LDS Family services.  He went on to tell me about how they are seeing so much molestation right now and  its not only coming from fathers, grandfathers, step-fathers but also older brothers etc., and girls are not the only victims but that they are seeing more and more boys being molested.  I told my dad that we don't let our kids sleep over at peoples houses unless we know the parents "really, really, really" well, and again he said "well, you'd be surprised and you can never be too careful".  I mentioned it to Brandon and he said its something we should definitely be thinking about.  Hummmm, maybe there won't be anymore sleepovers (at other people's houses) for a while...


I am seriously so sad about the death of Actress Natasha Richardson.  I'm not sure why but ever since I saw her in the Parent Trap, I have tried to watch anything else that I knew she was in.  She seemed so down to earth and nice. Not like most other celebrities.  I obviously don't have any ties to her but for some reason her death just struck a cord in  me and made me so sad!!!  Maybe the fact that she fell and hit her head & had a headache but was otherwise ok and then in a matter of hours was in intensive care and being taken off life support!!! I can't even imagine what her family must be going through and the "what if's" that they may be thinking!!! Such a sad story!!!

I have got to get this new cd ASAP.  the Indigo Girls, released this cd today!!! I need it!!!! I am considering piling all 5 kids in the car and taking a quick trip to walmart or Target to get it!!! Who know's maybe it could be a funny experience to see the reactions or hear the comments I may get.  ( I get them anytime I take the 3 little ones anywhere)!

#4.  I have a serious sugar problem.  I posted a few weeks ago about how I was going to start eating better etc.  I didn't work out very well and now I'm starting over.   I started back on the P90X workout (I hadn't been doing it because I was having a hard time trying to figure out when to do it with the kids here, so I have only done it a handful of times since I started watching them).  But this time, I am trying  to watch what I'm eating.  I've been pretty good so far but I can't stop the sugar cravings!!! I will admit to having a few bites of the kids ice cream and some handfuls of golden grahams cereal but otherwise i'm doing ok! I don't know what to do about the sugar problem  its all I want all the time!!!! ......well, i guess it's a good sign that for the last 2 days, i've been craving carrots and apples.  I've never in my life craved carrots and apples! It's all good until the kids want a treat!!! Help!!!!

#5.  I must be really boring!!!!

These are just a few of the things on my mind!!! Thanks for listening!!!


April said...

oh I am sad about Natasha Richardson too... I ditto what you say about her, so so sad. We aren't ever going to do sleepovers - unless it is cousins, just so you know. So many things I did growing up I would never dare to let my kid(s) do - night games ... sleepovers.
If it makes you feel better - I made cupcakes yesterday (24 of them) and there are only 10 left (I was the only one eating them!).

Annie said...

1- No comment other than I agree with your dad.
2- It is so sad. I think it just teaches us that we should never take our life for granted. I think about all of the times my kids have hit their heads and I just blow it off. It freaks me out.
3- I hired a personal trainer and am going to the gym again. I decided that I needed to know that someone was waiting for me in order for me to go. It hurts so bad!!!
4-Your not boring!!!

The Richards Family said...

You never can be too careful. We decided that we will not have sleepovers unless it is with family. you really never know. It is such a sad world.

JoAnna said...

You are so not boring! i love reading your blog! Thanks for all the interesting thoughts! I sooo know about the eating deal. It is the most difficult thing ever for me!!