Thursday, April 16, 2009

13 Years of Marital Bliss!!!

Then: the night we got engaged

Now: a couple weeks ago in our kitchen

Tomorrow marks the day 13 years ago that B and got married!!! Wow!! I can hardly believe we've been married for what seems like forever but at the same time seems like just yesterday(together 15 years that's almost half of my lifetime)!  
We've been through so many things together.  Good things, not so good things, funny things, sad things!! We've definitely had some really hard times and we've had some really great times too.  

I guess it's my chance to "publicly" tell B, that I love him and appreciate everything that he does for me and our kiddos.  He is such a great dad and husband.  He is constantly trying to help me better myself (although I don't act like I like it a lot of the time).  He is just a good guy!!! Thanks B for putting up with me and sticking in there with me for all these years!!!


Nick and Natalie said...

CONGRATS!!! Everyone should know these too still ask like little love birds!!!! They are such a role model to us and all new couples anyone for that matter!!!!

♥Shally said...

Oh my gosh, I have NEVER seen Brandon without facial hair!!

Congrats you two. :)

Annie said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!

Nick and Natalie said...

im thinking of you guys today!!!!