Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just for fun-and for you Mr. Watson!!!

If you don't want to see all the pics... sorry!!! We got a call from a friend that "requested" more pictures so here are a few recent ones!!

B and I hangin in the kitchen!

My friend Jodi and I took our girls to see High School Musical at one of the High Schools here
Ali, Whitney and Sadie needed a snack during intermission!!!

Are you a YOGA fan?? Ali doing Crane!! It's too hard for me, I fall on my head!!!

Ali took a picture with the pigeon at our Avon Lake City sign

Not sure if I should have put this here or not but I think it's kindof funny!!! It was actually Addy that was looking it first but then the next thing I knew....she was on Mitch's lap and they were both looking!!!


B and I hangin with friends at Deedi's birthday party!!!!


♥Shally said...

It's always nice to see more pics of you guys! We miss you...

Nick and Natalie said...

i love the background, and all the pics. I miss the kiddos! We want some more of your photography!!

kim said...

I love the pictures. We miss you guys so much. Love you!