Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Bucket List

About a year ago, Brandon went to an Emotional Intelligence Class at Case Western University.

One part of one of the assignments that he had to do was to write down his Bucket List which is a list of the top 27 things he wants to do before he dies. Now our little family has all started the project and I have come up with my Bucket List.. (well, part of it! I'm still working on it, i've been working on it for almost a year)

1. Travel to Europe ( Paris, England, Italy, Spain, Greece)
2. See my kids graduate from High School & College
3. See Brandon graduate from college
4. See my grandchildren
5. See a musical on Broadway
6. Become a better pianist/take piano lessons
7. Go back to school-photography, baking & pastry
8. Have another baby
9. See my kids get married
10. Start a childrens singing group
11. run a half marathon
12. Go to Hershey Pennsylvinia
13. Help Brandon's family start up the "Celebration" musical again
14. Sing in a choir (other than church)
15. Learn Cake decorating
16. Go back to Seattle
17. Live on a lake
18. move back to Utah
19. learn to sew
20. Become a photographer
22. become a fitness instructor- teach classes
23. learn web or graphic design

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