Thursday, April 23, 2009

Proud mom post

I posted quite a bit last year( I think) about how "M" was having such a hard time in school(4th grade was so hard not to mention coming from Seattle where the curriculum is a year behind)  and this year have posted a little bit about how much better 5th grade has been for him. 

 I was going through his folder tonight and pulled out a pretty good size stack of papers (school work).  I was so excited as I was looking at each page and seeing A after A after A (and one B-).  We actually have seen this for most of the school year this year!
He has had such a different school year this  year and we have seen such a huge difference in his work, his studying habits, his attitude towards school, his report cards, etc.  I am so sad that the school year is almost over because I want him to stay with his teacher Mrs. Kearns FOREVER!!!!!!! She has been awesome!! She has him figured out and knows the best way to teach him!!!  Luckily, she has already told me that she is going to make sure he is placed with the perfect teacher that will be able to teach him in the way the needs to be taught in 6th grade!!!
Way to go "M"!!!! We are so proud of you and how hard you have worked this year!!!!
"A" has made a huge improvement since the beginning of this school year (3rd grade) too!!!
We have AWESOME kids!!!! (if i do say so myself)!!!!!!


JoAnna said...

Oh that is so great! What a blessing to have such a great teacher. I'm happy to hear this!

Nick and Natalie said...


Lilismom said...

Yay! And yes, your kids are awesome, they are so nice and polite and well behaved! I just wish we saw them more! Love you.

Annie said...

Way to go Mitch!!!!!