Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Weekend fun out West!!!

Mitch, Ali and I went to Utah for the weekend. My sister Katie had her baby a few weeks early and Kimmy offered us buddy passes to come out and see them!!! We were so excited to go, it had been almost 2 years since Mitch had been there and you have never see 2 kids more excited to go to Utah than these two!! Flying on buddy passes is always exciting because you never know if you are actually going anywhere. We didn't get on our first flight to Cincinnati but were able to catch a flight through Atlanta. So off we went...a little out of the way, but at least we were headed somewhere!!!
We finally made it to SLC and were so excited that my mom brought Grace and Olivia to the airport with her to pick us up!!! We spent the weekend playing with cousins and my sisters, eating too much and holding Mia Kate!!!

This is what we do!!! Hang out at my moms, do hair, laugh at babies, eat treats etc!!!
Oh, and I got my hair done again....yup had to fix the almost $200 "do" it looks much better than it did here!
Isn't baby Mia so sweet!!!
Wouldn't we look good with a baby!!

We headed back to Ohio on Monday, missing our first flight and having to make the decision whether to take the later flight and get stuck in Cincinnati over night or stay in Utah for one more night. I needed to get home to the Atkins' kids and my kids needed to get back to school so we decided to take the flight to Cinci. Luckily, Brandon happened to be in Cincinnati for business that night so we had a place to stay. We caught another flight Tuesday morning and finally made it home!!! We had such a fun weekend, but we miss our family especially the ones we didn't get to see while we were there, but hopefully we will be back soon!!!

Congrats Katie, Ryan and Olivia and thanks Kimmy for getting home!!!

We love you all and hope we get to see you soon!!!!


Anna said...

Your hair looks amazing. You're hot!

kim said...

We miss you guys so much! We had so much fun this past weekend. Your coming here meant as much to all of us as it meant to you. We love you!

Amanda said...

How fun!! I wish we could have seen you while you were here but I know how busy it is and how hard it is to juggle everyone. I am glad you had a good time and you look great! I love your hair!

Nick and Natalie said...

HEY there your hair looks amazing !!!! I wanted to fry up and help, but looks like it all worked out. You are beautiful no matter what!!!!