Thursday, June 11, 2009

a visitor for us

Grandma Wendy is here visiting us right now!!! I have been feeling really bad because she has been here since Tuesday night and has pretty much done nothing but help take care of kids!!! We did get to take her to Mitch's baseball game last night. He was excited to have somebody other than us there to watch him play. We took a really exciting outing to the library and the grocery store today ( while 3 of the 6 {should have been 7, but one didn't come today} kids were napping)...yipee!!!!
Hopefully the weekend will be a little bit more exciting for her. We will take her to Ali's softball game tomorrow night and then B, Mitch, Ali and Grandma will head off to the Crushers (our local independent pro team) game. Mitch has a double header on Saturday and Ali has a softball game too so we will spend pretty much the entire weekend at the ball field which I one of Grandma Wendy's favorite things to do so hopefully it won't be too boring for her. We had a little bbq tonight, went out for ice cream and took Grandma to see Lake Erie. It sounds like the rest of the night will be full of game playing and movie watching.

Thanks for coming to visit us Grandma Wendy!!!


JoAnna said...

Wow. That scenery looks gorgeous! Aren't visitors so great? I'm guessing she just loves being with her grandkids! (you look gorgeous, btw.)

Haley said...

Thanks Jo!!!

Nick and Natalie said...

she is coming to stay with us for a couple of weeks soon! We really wont have alot for her to do with no kiddos! We will try though!!! There isn't much to see around here! You guys look so happy!

Wendy said...

Brandon, HALEY, mitcH & aLI,tHANK YOU, thank you, thank you, all so much! I had the best time! My heart is so full, I am so proud of all of you, I had so much fun, and you were all so good to me! It's going to be hard without you but i'll be thinking about you all of the time! YOU'RE ALL THE BEST!!!!!iLOVE YOU MORE, GRANDMA WENDY