Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th!!!

The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays and this year was no exception!!
You might remember last year on the 4th I ran my first 5k which was a race for a little girl from Avon Lake named Sophie who passed away from a brain tumor. Ali and I did the race again this year and we had a great time!!! Yup...Ali ran her first 5k this year!!! It was so much fun for me to do this with my little girl and she did AWESOME!!! We finished in 34 minutes and I figure that, that was pretty good since we haven't been running much lately and Ali had only run once since the last race she did. She was a little bit tired along the way but she was so glad she did it and is planning to do it again next year with me!!! It was a lot of fun and for a great cause!
Mitch had 2 baseball games yesterday, one of which Ali and I missed but we were able to catch the afternoon game and then we had a bunch of friends over for bbq'd fajitas (thanks Nick for the idea) and fireworks!!! We have such great friends here and always have a great time hanging out with all of them..It definitely makes being away from home and family on holidays a little bit easier when you have great friends to celebrate with!!!

Here are some picture of the night and some of Ali and I after the race!!!



JoAnna said...

THat is so fun that you got to run the race with Ali! And you guys made GREAT time!

Nick and Natalie said...

WATCH OUT ALI!! How cool! Happy fourth!

Anna said...

Ali looks so much like you! She's a little Haley. Sounds like a fun mother/daughter tradition you are starting up.

kim said...

Nice work you two! Next year I will join you.