Sunday, July 19, 2009

The sisterhood of the traveling suitcase

This suitcase has made many trips!!! Trips from Utah to Seattle, trips from Seattle to Utah. Trips from Utah to Ohio, trips from Ohio to Utah...(and many other's in between)! Inside this suitcase is a wonder of clothes...clothes that could be for any person living in our house!!! Anytime somebody comes to visit or leaves to go home, anytime we go to visit or come home, this suitcase comes along for the ride!!!

Over the years this suitcase has brought so many clothes for my children {and myself} that we
truly have hardly had to buy anything for at least for Ali (Mitch has grown bigger than his older cousins so he doesn't get as many hand-me-downs as he once did).
With our trip to Utah getting closer I decided it was time to get out all the clothes that my kids have out-grown and need to go back to the next niece or nephew that might be
able to wear them. Bags and bags of clothes and remember that a lot of other clothes had already been sent back to Utah in the suitcase many times!!!

Ali and I went through the clothes, decided which ones should make the upcoming trip and filled the suitcase. The rest of the clothes went back in their bags to their spot under the stairs to wait for the next visitor to come and once again take the suitcase back to Utah only after we bring it back home in 2 weeks full of more for us!!!

What's left??? 7 bags of boy clothes, 6 bags of girls clothes, 5 bags of shoes, 1 bag of socks, tights and boxers and, 2 bags for the goodwill!!!


♥Shally said...

I LOOOOOVE cleaning out closets! It makes me feel so much better. Plus, I think half of La Paz, Bolivia is wearing my clothes... :)

our family said...

NOOOOOOO don't do it!! I don't have any room for the traveling clothing! I hate when that suitcase arrives at my house and I LOVE it when it leaves full of our clothing!!! HEEHEE We can't wait to see you guys!