Friday, August 21, 2009

A day at the park

Ali told me about this park that is by our house that I didn't even know about until a week or 2 ago so yesterday we packed all the kids a lunch and headed to the park. I gave them just enough time to play for about 45 minutes have lunch and then get home before naptime (we never miss naptime)!!!

I guess my Mitchie is getting too old and too cool to hang out with his mom, sister and a bunch a little kids at the park. I tried and tried to get him to come but he would rather stay home alone!! All this growing up business is making me NUTS!!!!

I'm really not a huge fan of going to the park but it was a good change for us!!




Nick and Natalie said...

ali you are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

ohhbetsy said...

What? Not a fan of the park? Think of all the great pictures you can get.