Monday, August 17, 2009

Special Time

Ali got a build-a-bear gift card for her birthday back in June and we never had a chance to use it until last weekend.

In our house when one or both of the kids get to go somewhere fun with either mom or dad we call it "special time".

Ali and I drove about 30 minutes to the nearest mall that we could find with a build-a-bear and we picked out the bear that she wanted. She did her "thang" and adopted her bear and was a very happy girl.

I was gonna take her to lunch but across the hall from the store was a pretzel shop and we have a hard time passing up those Aunt Annie's Pretzels!!! We got one for each of us and a big cup of blue raspberry lemonade and walked around the mall. On our way out, we found a popcorn stand that had fresh popped carmel corn so of course we had to get that too!!! YUMMY!!!

We weren't at the mall very long but we had such a "special time" making a bear and eating our yummy snacks together!!!

I think i'll go back to that mall again soon!!!


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