Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mommy Son Game's

While B and Ali were in Michigan, Mitch and I spend the day at his first 3 real scrimmage's. It was such a nice day for football!!! I didn't get any pics of the game because I was busy filming it so B could watch it later...
Mitch did great and had a great time playing!! Can't wait for the real games to start!!!

After the games, I took Mitch to dinner at this fun diner. I love these kind of places with the sorta, rock-n-roll, 50's kinda theme, not to mention they always have great food!!!
I did get a couple of pics of Mitch in front with my phone!!!
It's always fun to get to spend a little time alone with my boy!!! He would much rather be hangin with friends but i'm so glad I got this little bit of time with him!!!

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kim said...

I love diners. I can't wait to have mommy son dates with Sawyer.