Monday, September 7, 2009


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Not sure why this one ended up blurry...probably because it was on self-timer on the the dashboard of the car while we were driving!!!

We decided to take one last little trip before the weather gets bad and the kids get too involved in school and extra-curricular activities, so we packed up and headed to Pittsburgh. Knowing nothing about Pittsburgh we had no idea what we would be doing once we got there but at least if nothing else the kids would get to swim and we would be spending quality time together.

What a cool city!!! We were bummed when we tried twice to go to the open market and it was closed..hummm maybe because it was a holiday. We were able to catch a Pirates game and checked out the Steelers stadium. Went to a Rib Festival, walked across big yellow bridges, checked out Station Square (which was pretty dead), drove through to hood to get to our hotel, saw the Pitt campus, and best of all went to Primanti Brothers!!!! If you ever go to Pittsburgh, you should try it. (actually, if you come to Cleveland we have a restaurant just like it, but Primanti Brothers are the ones that came up with the idea to make a sandwich that includes your choice of meat, cheese, cole slaw, tomato's, and french fries all on the sandwich)..Yummy (i eat it without the cole slaw).

We had a fun weekend!! Lots of laughs!!!

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Mine Brandon's


Nick and Natalie said...

1. Awesome pictures!
2. I love ali's hair
3. B looks sooo diff without his facial hair!!! He looks like nick more or something! Looks good!
4. Looks like a fun trip!

kim said...

It looks like you guys had a great time. The sandwiches look so yummy!