Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bloody Noses

Does anybody get bloody noses or have kids that get them? I have too much anxiety but can't quit wondering why Ali gets bloody noses all the time.

Of course I always think the worst ( though i don't let her know what i'm thinking) because that's what having anxiety does to you.

Mitch and I watched this movie no too long ago called ~The Express~ it about this football player and all that he goes through to become a player in the NFL. It ends up that he has Lukiema and he figures it out because he keeps having bloody noses.

Now everytime Ali gets a bloody nose the movie is what comes to mind before anything else. Please tell me i'm crazy and to stop worring!!!!!!!!

She's had 2 in the past two weeks and probably 4 or 5 in the past 6 months. Does that seem like a lot to you???


laurylaro said...

I would ALWAYS get bloody noses as a kid... once it started coming out of my eye when I was pinching my nose, gross huh? that was a little freaky, but no underlying terrible cause for them... maybe she needs to drink more water? Leah gets them a lot too.

JoAnna said...

I, too, ALWAYS got bloody nose when I was a kid. ALWAYS!! Even in college. ANd they were bad. I would just have to sit over a garbage can for hours. But it was nothing. And my brother got them worse then me and still does! (Curt) It is for sure nothing to worry about. But wanna hear the best tip EVER to get them to stop?? Put something cold on the back of her neck. Like an ice pack or something. It works like a charm every time with me and my kids now. Too bad I only just discovered as an adult! Good luck! (And for sure the numbers of bloody noses that she's had in that amount of time is not a concer.)

♥Shally said...

I too had bloody noses ALL THE TIME when I was a kid. It would pour out both nostrils. Bray gets them too, poor thing.

Haley said...

thanks girls. you made me feel better..

i have only had one bloody nose im my lifetime and that was because my sister punched me in the face so i'm new to this!!!

JO- thanks for the "cold" info!!!! i will try it next time!!

Anna said...

Sorry no advice but it sounds like Jo took care of that. I did know a kid who always had bloody noses but I believe it had to do with him picking his nose all the time. So, yeah. No help, was I?

Nikki said...

I think some kids just get them. I used to get them alot when I was little.

jdm said...

It may have something to do with the weather. When it gets cold and we turn the heat on for the first time it tends to be so dry that it can cause a bloody nose. A good way to fix the problem is to put a little bit of Vaseline on a q-tip and apply it in her nose. It should fix the problem if it's a dryness issue.

I hope it's alright that I comment on your blog...I found the link from Chrisite Buxton. Your family is adorable.