Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Party

Our neighborhood Halloween party was this past Friday. We are always excited to get dressed up and have fun!! It was a little different this year though. After at least an hour and a half of getting the kids ready, sending the to the party with our appetizers and then getting myself ready I got to the party and was one of 4 adults that dressed up!!! Every year in the past that we have been to this party, everyone, children and adults get dressed up and stay dressed up all night. I was so surprized when I got there and hardly any of the kids were dressed either.

As I was leaving the house to head to the party Mitch came home crying. Some of the kids had taken his hat and wig and broken his glasses. He had been so excited to wear his costume and had even been practicing the "moon walk" all day. I felt so bad for him!!! Poor kid was so upset and said "i'm not going back to that party"!!! Well, I headed to the party to the party to see if I could figure out what had happened and Ali and her friends went on a mission to find out who had been teasing him... Both of the kids and I went home and changed and eventually, Mitch came back.

"Michael" Mitch & "Senorita" Ali
Ali and Isabel the energizer bunny
disco queen and senorita
Brandon was in Chicago so I got my pic taken with my neighbors instead!

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kim said...

Love the costumes! Why didn't anyone dress up? The Mitch story is heart breaking.