Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas so far!

We finally got a real Christmas tree this year!! Every year I tell B that I want a real tree but we never get one. Our artificial was on it last leg this year so I finally got my real tree. Now, I only hope it lasts until Christmas. Even after watering it 5 times a day it's still almost dead already!! We will for sure have to take it down before we leave for SLC on Christmas morning!!!

Ali had her choir/music concert this week. She did a great job. She had a little speaking part and had to play her recorder. I can't seem to get my camera to work right lately so the pictures aren't great but at least I got some right.
We made these yummy cookies ( well, at least I think they were yummy, they looked good) for Alis choir party. Its always fun to have a new recipe to tryout. And, we made 5 dozen sugar cookies for both of the kids class parties, cream rolls for the teachers and bus driver and still have many more to make for neighbors, along with some kind of treat for Ali to take to her dance party tonight!! Whew, that's a lot of baking. Good thing I love it!!!!

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