Monday, January 11, 2010


Well, i've commited. I was thinking about it a lot, knowing that Brandon was going to do it and then my sisters and their husbands said they wanted to come do it too so, i'm in!!! I started training today (although i've been running anyway). I was afraid to commit because I'm scared that I won't be able to finish but, i'm thinking positive and excited for the race.

If anyone wants to head to Cleveland to run or just to support us we (Brandon, Hillary aka-beatle, Kimmy, Mark and Jason) will be running the Cleveland Half-Marathon on May 16th!!!

Wish us luck!!!



laurylaro said...

You're awesome Haley!! Good luck training!

kim said...

I'm still in but I don't know about mark. This is going to be fun!!!

our family said...

HHHHUUUMMMMMM I will meet you guys at Mitchells Ice Cream after!!

Haley said...

holli that sounds like a great idea!!!