Friday, February 19, 2010

CH-CH- Changes!

Wow how fast things in life change!!!

If someone would have told me 4 or 5 months ago i'm not sure I would have believed all the changes that are taking place for us. 5 months ago I figured that in May I would be having a baby not running my first half-marathon, five months ago I was thinking and hoping that our days in Ohio were coming to and end, five months ago I was thinking that B would be moving up in the company not moving on to a new one, five months ago I didn't think I would be watching Ali's first gymnastics meet five months ago.......

First things first...the BIG news...After 3.5 years of Brandon working for Barnes and moving from Seattle to Ohio for them, he is moving on. B will be starting a new job on Monday with a company called TPC Wire and Cable. Not exactly sure but they have something to do with wire and cable for robotics. He is in a role similar to the one he has had at Barnes but he will be over the entire US, Canada and Mexico (with Barnes he was just over Ohio, Michigan and Indiana). Its a bit smaller of a company which he is excited about and which also means he may have more of a voice within the company. Good Luck B, i'm so proud of you!!!

If you would have told me ever that I would have even had the desire to run a half-marathon I would have told you, you were crazy... but i'm getting more and more excited the more I run. I ran 7 miles today which was hard but at the same time a huge accomplishment for me. I was never one to get up in the morning and say "i'm gonna run 7 miles today" and actually do it but i'm having fun and it's makes me feel good to say that I am doing it (I only wish that it was coming up sooner).

I mentioned earlier that I was thinking and hoping that we would be moving out of Ohio soon but with this new job it looks like we will be here for at least another 2-3 years. I was a little bit torn about it because if we had stayed with Barnes there could have been a possibility very soon for us to move back to the West. B and I both felt that taking this new job was the right thing to do but I still wanted to move mostly for selfish reasons and I finally realized that staying in Ohio is the right thing to do for Mitch and Ali as well as for Brandon's career. You can't beat the schools out here and what a great place to raise kids. I was just hoping to be closer to home!!

As for Ali's gymnastics- I never wanted her to take gym. I knew she was naturally talented but after watching my sisters and how hard they had to work and how much time they had to spend in the gym I didn't want that for Ali. She LOVEs it and we will see what happens and how far she goes but it will he her choice not mine!!!

So here we are to stay for a while longer. My kids as you probably read in a past post are staying busy and have us running all over the place. They are well adjusted and living a great life out here. They are great kids and I know that I am lucky to have such a great little family!!! (and still hoping to add to it)!!!

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