Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stormy night

We've had some crazy weather here lately. Friday night after Mitch's baseball game we were heading home from Brecksville which is probably at least a 45 minute drive from our house. On the way hope we got caught in a huge storm!!! It was raining so hard that we could not see and the roads were instantly flooded with probably a foot of water. Brandon could not see anything but it was coming down so hard that we decided to keep driving and try to get home. Well, all of the sudden we were getting pounded by hail some pieces were the size of quarters!!! We ended up finding a bank and sat in the drive thru area until we thought we could get home with out a huge piece of ice coming through the windshield...It was so crazy!!! We had never seen anything like it. We finally made it home and I went outside to check out the hail and was amazed at how big some of the pieces were and how much was on the ground.

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Between the tornado watch and the huge chunks if ice falling from the sky it was CRAZINESS!!!!

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kambam said...

Seeing hail like that makes me somehow thankful for slow rainy days out west. Scary weather!