Thursday, June 3, 2010


We were so excited to have Kimmy, Sawyer and my mom come visit us. They were able to be here for Ali's gymnastics meet, Mitchell's baseball tournament, Ali's talent show, Ali's 4th grade picnic, Ali's ice cream social at the school she will go to next year....we also spent some time at the discovery zone and the library, the Lake Erie Nature Center and hanging out at home!

It's always fun to have our family come visit us since we don't get to see anyone much! It's nice to have sisters that work for airlines so they can come visit us often! (although, not often enough)!!! hint hint!


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kim said...

Obviously I haven't been blogging or looking at other blogs. We had so much fun vixiting you guys. Sawyer and I loved every minute! We could come more often if I didin't have to work. Thanks for a great time. Ali and Mitch you are both so talented. Ali wathing you in your meet takes me way back. I love it! Mitch I love watching you play baseball. You have the family gift from you dad. Love you all!