Friday, July 2, 2010


My baby girl turned 10 on Wednesday! I can't believe she is growing up so fast! (i don't like it either)!!!
She had a pretty good birthday... I think!
Brandon worked from home that day and we spent the day together. We picked up sandwiches from Subway and went the to park for lunch, then we headed to the mall for a little shopping and back home for a while so B could get some work in. Later on we took Ali to target so she could spend a gift card that she had gotten & and then home for the best steak dinner we have had in a really long time. (We let Ali choose what she wanted for dinner and all she wanted was steak and corn on the cob)!

She wanted nothing to do with cake and ice cream this year and opted for an oreo ice cream pie which was fine with me because it is soooo easy to make!

Ali and the Atkins kids waiting to open presents

lunch at the park

yummy ice cream pie

we love this girl and are so happy she is in our family!!! she is so happy and full of life and she keeps us smiling all the time!!!

We love you Ali girl!

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kim said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!