Friday, August 13, 2010


3 years ago today we left the place we had called home for the previous 3 years! I remember it like it was yesterday.

Our good friend Craig dropped up off at the airport after having stayed at his house the night before. We took the kids into the very busy airport, found our gate and sat on the dirty floor because it was so packed there was no where else to go. The flight was completely booked and they were offering free tickets to anyone that would give up their seats. Brandon went to the counter and told them we would give up our seats but i threw a bit of a fit. You see, if I had to leave Seattle, I wanted to do it asap, I wanted to get on that plane and get to Ohio as fast as I could. I think because I was so sad about leaving the house that we had put so much work into and that even though it was small I loved that house, i was so sad to be leaving my 2 really good friends, we had started getting closer and closer just before we moved and it was hard to leave them. Ali was not happy about leaving either, she loved Seattle, her school, her friends.

We had purchased our house before we moved but couldn't move in until August 14th so once we got to Ohio we headed to a hotel where we stayed for the night. Getting up the next morning I remember thinking how hot and humid it was, different from Seattle. As we drove to our new house I was confused about which direction we were driving. I had no idea where we were and didn't think I would ever get used to living in Ohio. (really, no one ever thinks they will see themselves living in Ohio and every time you tell someone from Ohio that you are moving to Cleveland their comment is, people don't move to Cleveland, the move away from Cleveland).

We finally got to our house but didn't have keys so we had to call the previous owner to tell us how to get in. The kids were so excited to see their new house, pick out their new bed room, Mitch was especially excited that there was a basketball hoop and they both loved that the house was a lot bigger than the one we moved from.

Anyway, we ended up having to replace all the carpet in the house and having to get it done before our furniture showed up which ended up not being a problem because the moving truck was almost a week late with our stuff.
For the first week in this house we slept on air mattress (well, B and I ended up buying a new bed so we did have our new mattresses to sleep on for a few days) that were borrowed from the people across the street (the Youngs) that we didn't yet know but they were happy to help out. We bought one frying pan and one pot and a spatula, and the previous owners had left a tv and hadn't shut off the cable yet so the kids were happy about that.
We spend the first week pulling up disgusting carpet and painting all the bedrooms and trying to get it all done before the furniture came and we did, all the time texting and talking to one of my friends in Seattle and missing them a lot!

What a crazy week! Luckily my mom was here to help!

Back to the present! After 3 years of being here we are no longer the new ones in the neighborhood. The kids have a lot of friends, the have great schools, we have awesome neighbors and are loving it here. I still miss Seattle a lot but Ohio has been a great place to live and Brandon and the kids could not be happier.

Life is a funny thing! When we left Salt Lake we said we would be back in 2 or 3 years and were pretty certain about that. Now, 6 years later it doesn't look like we will be moving home anytime soon! I never thought I would be the one of my sisters to live away from home for what seems to be looking like forever!

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