Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First day of school

I can hardly believe that I have a 7th grader and both of my kids are out of elementary school!!! I drove past the elementary school this morning and it was so weird to think that I will probably never have another kid at that school.

Ali started 5th grade in Intermediate school that only has 5th and 6th grade. They have their home room teacher and then a switch teacher. She was so excited because she really wanted to get the same teacher that Mitch had for 5th grade and although she didn't get that teacher, she did get his switch teacher for home room which means the teacher he had is now her switch teacher. (does that make sense)? She could not have been more excited for school to start!!!
She couldn't even sleep last night!!! She is going to have a GREAT year! I'm so excited for her!!!

Mitch in now in Jr. High!! I can't believe it!! Wow, i'm old! I am so nervous for him but so excited for him too. He's growing up and on to new things. Jr High is a big step. They have so much more Independence at school and he has to be more responsible but he also has some pretty cool classes and it sounds like they will learn some really fun things this year. He has one teacher that he is a little bit worried about but I'm sure we will make through her.

My babies are growing up so fast, and I'm sure they hate it when I call them my babies.


Lauren said...

They look so cute!

Anonymous said...

I spent time this morning going through all the blog. Enjoyed it. A nice glimpse into what's going on. Makes me want to get on a plane and fly to Cleveland.

Grandpa Brent