Monday, August 2, 2010

Random thoughts

Has your child ever told you they hate you or don't like you? Well, mine actually never have but, I can imagine the hurt and sadness that I would feel if one of my kids ever did say that to me. I heard a child say that to their mother today and the first thing I wanted to do was call the child's dad and let him know how disrespectful that child was toward his mother. Instead however, I took the child aside and told him it was not ok to treat his mother like that and that he needed to apologize to her and tell her he loved her. He said "no,No, NO". The mother did not push the issue and I figured, this is not my child to parent so I let it, i still want to talk to this kids dad so badly!!!

On Friday, my daughter and I went to see a community musical in a town nearby. We walked in and purchased our tickets. I was thirsty so I gave my daughter 50 cents and had her buy me a water. No big deal right? Well, she decided that she was thirsty too so she went and bought one more. There was a lady sitting at a nearby table collecting money for a raffle watching my daughter buy the water and as we were getting ready to walk into the theater, she said "remember you can't take the water in", "oh, ok" I said and I took the water from my daughter unopened and put it in my purse. well, that lady took a big breath and let out a big gasp and shook her head like she couldn't believe I was going to take the unopened bottle of water that was in my purse into the auditorium. Now, i'm not usually one to strike back but something came over me and I turned to the lady and yelled at her...."we won't open it" I said but she acted like she didn't hear me so I turned to her more and said "we are not going to open the water, we won't open it"! I know it doesn't sound like a big deal but normally my response would be either to hurry and drink the water before we went in to the show, do nothing and pretend that we didn't know that we couldn't take it in or end up throwing it away. I don't know what came over me, the words just came out of my mouth!!!
I have to say, I liked the feeling of being a little feisty and saying what I thought to that overbearing lady!!!!

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Lauren said...

good job to stand up for yourself, I find myself being too meek at times. good example for Alli too. (at least that's my two cents)