Friday, September 24, 2010

Ali's room re-do

I know I took picture of Ali's room before we started doing a little re-decorating but I can't seem to find them so if I ever do, I will post them.
We had already painted the walls brown about a year or so ago and I told her I wasn't repainting. Luckily, she likes brown.

Before~ My mom bought her some new bedding a while back which she still loves. Kind of a hot pink with a brown and white giraffe print.

On her walls, we had put up these super cute alphabet cards that have flowers and fairies on them. She has had them for a long time and we, I mean I, decided that she was a little old for them. She, still loved them and wanted to keep them until I told her my idea.

Pink and Brown polka dots! One of Ali's Aunts (who shall remain nameless)....sent her new bedding and it just happened to be pink with polka dots so we must have been thinking on the same wave length. What a nice Aunt, we didn't even know she was sending it until she called for our address!!!

I got out the trusty cricut and my pink and brown vinyl and started cutting polka dots! Once we got the dots on the wall, I decided to add some cute wording to the dots, and then the finishing touch was a cute quote that Ali chose in pink vinyl!
We think it is such a fun, tween room now!!!

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