Thursday, September 16, 2010

A birthday and a Cheesecake

Brandon turned the big 35. He's getting old! He was in Seattle for his birthday so we didn't really get to celebrate but he did go out with some old Seattle friends to dinner so at least he got to do something while he was out of town. We missed him but had fun making our first ever Cheesecake. Brandon doesn't eat desserts very often but he loves cheesecake so I decided since we didn't get to see him on his birthday that we should at least make him a cake but he wouldn't have eaten a birthday cake so New York Cheesecake it was!

It split in the middle and the edges were a little too dark but I think it was good! (i hate cheesecake so i took Brandon's word for it)
I have to say~ it did look pretty good!

Happy Birthday B~ We missed you on your birthday!

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