Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Crafting Again

My sister asked me if I was on a craft binge. Well, maybe I am. Actually, all of my friends here (especially the ones from church) are so crafty and I don't have a crafty or creative bone in my body so I decided it was time to start learning how to become crafty and maybe, just maybe eventually get good enough that somebody might want to buy something from me!

I made these cute tiles for my nieces with their names and birthdates on them mostly to see if they would be cute enough that someone might pay money for them. I thought they turned out pretty cute!

I had made a tile like this a few years ago for my mom for christmas and over the last few years and grandchildren somehow it got broken. Well, back then I didn't have the cricut so I had to order the vinyl from someone else but know I can design and print anything I want so I made my mom this new tile while she was out here visiting!!! LOVE IT!

Thanks to SURE CUTS A LOT, I will be making many more projects just like these!!! Stay tuned for the one to come very soon!!!

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Jodi said...

you are to crafty!!!!