Thursday, September 23, 2010

Top 10 list

2. pretzel m&m's
3. glee is back
4. watching Ali cheer
6. RED
7. SCENTSY~(hopefully I will be a scentsy consultant soon. you're all gonna buy from me right!!)
8. changing leaves
9. looking UP at Mitch
10. my IPOD


JoAnna said...

Pretzel M&M's?? mmm... Do they make those?

Imperfect Beautifulms?? Do explain.

The bugs in the post above?? Deeeesgusting!!!!!

Yes! I will order Scentsy for you.

I wish I had a Cricut!

Haley said...

yup! pretzel m&m's soooo good if you can ever find them. every store is pretty much always sold out of them!!! they're are in a blue bag if you are lucky enough to find a bag.

imperfectly beautifulms is a super fun blog. (it should be linked)

i love my cricut mostly for vinyl! you should get one!