Friday, October 15, 2010

Giveaway!!!! Woo Hoo!

If you now me well, you know that I love perfume! Now that our closet is done I decided to move my perfume out of the drawer in the bathroom it was in and put it on the shelf in the closet. As I was moving it Ali and I started talking about how I used to collect perfume and which ones are my favorite...... which led me to the idea for this giveaway!

If you can guess what my favorite perfume is you will receive this......

A welcome sign for your door. (or what ever else you may want to use if for). You can choose if you want white or black vinyl (whatever you think will look best on your door).

Here's the deal.....
**you have from now until Tuesday to make your guess.
**if there are no correct guesses by Sunday I will give you a hint
**if there is more than one correct guess, there may be more than one winner
** the winner must post their "welcome" on their blog or facebook or send me a picture (if you don't have a blog or facebook)

got it??? good luck!!!

Oh and~ the perfume is not in the above picture!!!!!

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