Monday, November 15, 2010

Our weekend with Papa

Brandon's dad came out for the weekend!!! The kids were so excited to see Papa but Mitch and B were especially excited to be able to go to the Utah-Notre Dame Football with him!!!
We had great weather while he was here and Friday night decided to hang out by the fire and make some smores (it may be one of the last until Spring)!

We took papa to 5-guys burgers for lunch on Friday and spend time grilling, eating and playing games Friday night.

Saturday it was off to the game for the boys and "special time" for Ali and I!!! Ali and I didn't get to spend much time with Papa but were happy for the little bit of time that we did get to see him. Ali especially loved that he read to her and helped her with her homework and I think Mitch loved it that papa was here to help with yard work so he didn't have to do it all!!!

Thanks for coming papa!!!

Matching sweatshirts from Uncle Nick! He was supposed to come too but wasn't able to make it! We miss you Nick and Natalie!!!

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