Friday, January 14, 2011

Utah vs BYU

(this post is way out of order)

We have learned, that LDS people that live outside of Utah, specifically ones that aren't from Utah really love BYU and do not like the UTES at all!!!!

Well, we took the opportunity on the night of the Utah, BYU football game to get together with our friends the Youngs who are also UTE fans to watch the game in hopes of a win and a prank on some of the biggest BYU fans in our ward!

The UTES barely pulled off the win and we went to work!

Kids decorated a big sign and we made red and white cupcakes.
We took the sign, the cupcakes and a bunch of red flags and were on our way!
Once we got to our destination, we hung the banner in the garage so it couldn't be missed, put the flags all over the lawn and put the cupcakes on the doorstep and doorbell ditched! What great parents we are to teach our kids doorbell ditching! Ha, it was all in good fun and of course the recipients knew exactly who would have done this to them! It was a super fun night!

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