Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Christmas 2010

Well, Christmas has come and is long gone but my abandonment of the blog has been for good reason!

Just a few pictures of the kiddos on Christmas morning. They could not have been happier. It was so fun to have Sawyer with us on Christmas! Even though my kids still get super excited and love Christmas morning, it's always fun to have a little one around. I think both of my kids got pretty much what they wanted but their most favorite gift of all was their new cell phones!! Yes, cell phones. We were pretty much against it but Santa decided that as long as the phones were blocked with every kind of block possible, it was time. They were obsessed with them for the first week or so but the obsession has died down and now they are hardly ever charged and they forget to take them with them when they leave the house anyway!
Ali got this darn roller coaster that nobody wanted to help me put together so off to work I went and 3 days later it was finally finished.

Mitchie and his new glove
Sawyer waiting patiently after looking through his stocking!
I love Christmas time!! What a wonderful time of year, I can't wait till next year!

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kim said...

What a great Christmas! We had so much fun visiting. Thank you for letting us join your family for the Holidays. Love you!