Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bahamas Baby!

Brandon and I had a chance to spend 4 days in the Bahamas last week!!! We had so much fun! It was so nice to get away from cold Cleveland and spend time on the beach in 80' weather. We spent most of the time sitting on the beach by the pool or eating with a little time for naps during the afternoons and hanging out with friends from his work in the evenings. We had a great time. It's always hard to leave the kids but it was really good for us to have some alone time!

The View from our Room!

Brandon catching some rays!
Beach football game!

Football injury! Yup, he even had to see the resort nurse who told him to go to the hospital and get 4 stiches which, he didn't do! Super glue was good enough!

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our family said...

best part about those photos is the bloody injury. That's going to make a good scab!!! hahaha