Sunday, March 6, 2011

The dreaded phone call....or NOT

The phone rang tonight as I was getting dinner ready. I always check the caller ID to see if it's someone I want to talk to. I've said before that I hate talking on the phone and I am a phone screen-er!

I picked it up and saw that it was Ali's school teacher. "Why would Ali's teacher be calling me on a Sunday night?". Well, I wasn't worried but for some reason Ali was.
I answered the phone and her teacher said "Hi Haley it's Jane Judson", I just wanted to call and tell you something about Ali". Well, knowing that Ali is such a good girl I knew it couldn't be anything bad but..........

HA HA....

She called to tell me that during advisory time every day they class spends the beginning part of that time quietly reading to themselves. There is one little boy in Ali's class that can't see very well, and has to use special tools in order to help him read anything at all. Ali noticed that this boy was struggling to get out his tools and get his book ready. Now, the class room it totally quite, the teacher was busy and Ali got up out of her seat and went over and helped this boy get out his reading tools, she took his book and pressed it open for him and helped him to start reading. Apparently, Ali didn't notice that anyone was watching her but the teacher and one of the other students in the class were watching and the two of them gave each other a look like "yup, that's Ali, always thinking about others and always willing to help". Mrs. Judson didn't say anything to Ali at school that day but she took the time out of her Sunday night to call and tell me what a great girl Ali is and how special she is. How she is always helping and thinking about others.

I know all these things about Ali. She really is such a good girl but it is so nice that other people see it as well and are willing to make an effort to let us know how much they think of her. I love my Ali!!!

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Ryan and Katie said...

She is such a good girl!!!! Love her!!!!