Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let the fun begin!!!

Now that we know we are having a boy....Ali and I are super excited to get this baby's room ready for him. Crib to paint, changing table to refinish, paint color for walls to choose and of course some cute vinyl cut-outs of his name (which we don't know yet) to make.

I was really nervous to find out that this baby was a boy. I have had a really strong feeling the entire pregnancy that it was a boy and miss Ali so badly did not want another brother. I really felt like she was going to have a melt down when she found out it was a boy but she took it a lot better than I thought she would and is excited that she will be the only girl, and will get to stay the little princess and be spoiled by grandma because she's the only girl.

A little update....I am feeling so much better and I should hope so for being almost 5 months along. After getting over the morning sickness I started getting pregnancy induced migraines which I have to say really SUCK. My Dr. gave me some medicine to help which knocked me out for 2 days and i haven't taken it since and luckily, haven't needed it!
So we are on our way! I will tell you this...or those of you youngens that are wondering when to start having babies or if you should have more, do it while you're young if you can!!! I can feel a huge difference in my body and this pregnancy at 35 than I did when I was pregnant at 25 and earlier with the other two. This pregnancy has been so much harder to handle. The morning sickness, the exercising, the housework, everything I do on a daily basis has been harder! I do one tiny bit of housework and end up with Round Ligiment pain which is really painfull or my stomach feels so heavy that I can't do anything else for the rest of the day.
I'm already having a hard time sleeping and having to get up at least once a night to pee but worse than that I have to adjust and re-adjust the pillow that sleeps between by legs holding up my tummy all night long. If I don't have the pillow it's painfull. I can tell that my circulation is not like it is when i'm not pregnant. Constantly waking up with huge hands, tingly sholders, arms, legs and feet because of having to sleep on my sides. ( i am a stomach sleeper).

Needless to say the pregnancy hasn't been full of much enjoyment until now!

I have felt baby boy moving for a little while now but he is starting to move more and more everyday. Its fun to sit with Ali while she watches for my tummy to move and puts her hand on it to try to feel her brother moving, even though she hasn't felt him yet. I keep trying to make the kids sing to him hoping he will be born with the voice I always wanted and play the piano more just so he can hear it and hopefully take after his big brother and mom with a love for music.

Its funny how being 10 years older can make such a difference in how what you think and feel and how you handle situations. When I was pregnant with Mitch and Ali and 10-12 years younger, I just figured that the babies would be healthy everything would be fine and there would be no problems. Getting an ultrasound was just fun and exciting to get to see the baby but yesterday all I wanted was to see that he was forming a healthy body. I wanted to make sure that his brain and heart, kidneys, arms, legs were all how they should be. Truly all I wanted was to see a healthy baby, nothing else including the gender mattered!

So now we are excited to get through the next 4 months and watch this baby and my tummy grow knowing that all the pain, discomfort, sickness, grumpiness etc. were so worth what it took to get him to our family!!!

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