Monday, May 9, 2011


Nope its not a typo~ I meant to write 24/6. We are finally at week 24 or for those of you that don't like to count the weeks that's 6 months!!! Woo Hoo we are almost in the third tri-mester. I can hardly wait for this to be over. That probably sounds so bad. I am super excited about this baby but man am I uncomfortable already! I am really trying hard not to wish away the summer but I can't wait for August to get here. Anyway, things are pretty good, baby is doing good, moving a lot and growing (guess who else is growing)? We go in next week for the dreaded glucose testing but actually, i'm looking forward to it because it means i'm getting closer to the end. Anyway, here is a not so cute picture of me today at 24 weeks. People keep telling me that i'm not very big for 6 months but every time I look at my tummy i'm not feeling very small! Oh the joys of pregnancy!
Actually, other than being uncomfortable i'm quite enjoying the movements i'm feeling and checking each Monday to see how much the baby has grown or the developments each week brings.
Still deciding on a name. What will it be?


kim said...

YOUR TINY!!!! Don't kid yourself. You look amazing, plus you have that precious boy growing inside. I can't for him to be here. Love you!

our family said...

Oh I think you look CUTE!!!!! I'm sort of jealous!! I can't wait for him to get here so I can hold him!!

Lilismom said...

You look awesome! Although I know exactly how you feel. :) We are 28 weeks on Friday! Yay for being done soon! Looks like 4 out of 5 people chose Brady! Love it. Feel better! Love ya.

JoAnna said...

CUTE!! I don't blame you one bit for wanting to be done. Being pregnant is no fun for me either. YOU CAN DO THIS! It will be soooooo worth it! I was so miserable the entire time I was pregnant with Gracie. And then every time I looked at her for the next 9 months I thought to myself how worth it those previous 9 months were.