Tuesday, July 12, 2011

33 weeks and 1 day

I am so ready to be done with this!!!! I'm not sure I can make it another 7 weeks and at the same time, although I know that a baby can be born with no problems at 33 weeks I know its really too early for him to come now. I don't remember being so tired with Mitch and Ali or having so much hip pain when sleeping or walking not to mention it has gotten so hot here in Avon Lake that its pretty miserable but I will get through!

All I can think about now is getting back on a good workout routine and training for the half-marathon that I have made a goal to run next April, getting back to a normal size and feeling good, sleeping on my stomach, taking a HOT bath for more than 5 minutes, feeling like I am attractive to my husband instead of huge and unattractive (and no he would never tell me i'm not attractive and that i'm huge but I feel like I am), wearing normal clothes (hoping they fit after this), and of course what is this kid gonna look like and is he going to cry non-stop like Ali did?.

Even with all that complaining, I know this is what I have wanted for so many years and it is so worth everything i'm feeling right now. I am still loving every movement and kick I feel and even the hiccups that are sometimes annoying keep me feeling like I can get through the next 7 weeks.

We still don't have a name but I think we have pretty much narrowed it down to either....

Boston or

I did however, tell Mitch that if he hits a home run during the baseball season, he can choose the name which in that case will probably end up being Easton. We will see, I think he has about 8 more games to go. Wish him luck! Wish me luck!

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