Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good Deed Cards

This summer we tried to come up with a plan to get our kids to get some things done around the house as well as keep up with some school work and earn an allowance. Before the end of the school year we had the kids make a list of things they needed to do over the summer and things they wanted to do over the summer. Once they finished their lists, we figured out how much time they needed for each "need" that they had listed and then made them each a calendar showing what days they would do each "chore" and for how long. The deal was, if they did everything on their calendar every day, they would earn $10 each week, if they missed anything at all they did not earn anything. The idea was that if they did their "needs" they would earn their own money to spend on their "wants". It worked pretty good (at least for Ali) for the first couple of weeks but Mitch has really wanted nothing to do with it. He has done ok, but not without fighting and asking why he is the only one of his friend that has to do all this "stupid" stuff.

I have gotten tired of arguing with them and having to ask them over and over to get their "stuff" done and then, on one of my most favorite craft blogs I saw these GOOD DEED CARDS.

I have decided that maybe I will try using these cards so when they get each of their "needs" done, they can punch their card and it will help them keep track of all they have done and then they can earn more punches if they do "extras" to help me out. Wish us luck, we will see how it goes!

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