Monday, August 8, 2011

Sleepy Head

We are SO excited that Mitch decided to play football this year!!! Although, I have to say I am not so excited about how stinky he is these days!!! Today started his 2nd week of practice. He seems to be loving it and working hard to earn a starting position and he even tried out for quarterback! We are excited to find out what position he will play this year and which team he will be on.

Last week he had practice every morning from 8-10am but this week they start an hour earlier so he is getting up about 6:00 to get ready and be to football by 7 which other than the fact it means I have to get up too, I love that he will be used to getting up early by the time school starts in a few weeks.

He is so tired when he gets home that this is how I have been finding him after practice!

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