Friday, September 30, 2011

Any Takers?

 I really don't think there is anyone out there that still looks at our blog but if you are there and are interested let me know.

Now that baby Brady is here its time to get serious about getting healthy and losing weight.  I actually didn't eat that much during the pregnancy and was happy that I only gained 30lbs, i assumed that I would gain more than that but I guess that fact that I had no appetite for pretty much the entire pregnancy probably played a role in that.

The problem now is that ever since I had him, I have not wanted to eat anything except sugar! Its crazy to me that I could go for the entire pregnancy and not want it to wanting nothing but.....

So, if there is anyone out there that wants to start a exercise and eating plan with me i'm ready!  I can't actually start really working out for another 2 weeks but I feel so ready which I think is a good sign...right!  My plan is to start running ( i want to run a half-marathon in May) everyday, I really want to try Zumba which I have never done so if anyone has a good Zumba dvd that I could try at home let me know.  I'm not a very good dancer so I would like to try it at home before I go to any actual Zumba classes.  I will probably have to do a little P 90 X which I HATE, but i've seen it work on other people so I guess I need to do it. Uuggg!

I would love to have someone to go running, walking, Zumba or any other workout classes with and would love to have someone to get support from, someone to trade healthy recipes, health tips, etc. with!

I need to lose at least 20lbs so that is my goal!

The hardest part of this for me will be the eating.  I'm pretty sure i'm addicted to sugar so it will be hard to give up but I know I need to do it.  If anyone has any tips for me I would love to have them!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm in! See e-mail, and yes, people do still look at your blog! :)

JoAnna said...

I still look at your blog!!! I love it! Baby Brady is so stinking cute! Only 30 pounds?!?! That is amazing. You look great, so go get healthy, but don't stress about it. Good luck!!

Annie Cowley. A Pure Romance Specialist said...

I would love to do with you but I'm so far away. If you thunk of a way to do together, competition or something, let me know!

Annie Cowley. A Pure Romance Specialist said...

Oh, and lots of SEX!!!

kim said...

I'm also looking at the blog all the time. I have just been really sick. I'm sure there is an app that we could download where we all workout and can see what each other is doing. It would be a motivation if we could see what everyone else was doing just from our phone. Technology is crazy! Give all the kids a love.